Who's Who of Unity

Reverend David E. Old, Senior Minister                  revdavid.unitywindsor@gmail.com

Kathy Lamoureux, Adminstrative Assistant           unitycentrewindsor@gmail.com  

Our Board of Directors

Donna Voinaroski, President

Lori Nicodemo, Vice President

Paul Chandler, Treasurer

Carla Klym, Secretary

Bob McGuire, Member at Large

Lucy Kroeker, Member at Large

Ministry Team Leaders

Bookstore – Donna Voinaroski

Earth Care – Michael Greaves

Hospitality – Lori Nicodemo

Hospitality Clean-Up – 

Music – Mike Karloff

Platform – Lynda Todon

Possibility & Promotions/Media – Tammy Maxine

Prayer – Monika John and Judy Chandler

Recording – Paul Chandler

Seminar Team – Shirley McGuin

Youth Education –unavailable at this time

Ushering – Nicolas King

Welcoming – Rose Dallaire


Useful links and contact information:

Unity Canada website:  www.unitycanada.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Unity-Canada-592422397477914/
Silent Unity: www.unity.org/prayer
Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute: www.unityworldwideministries.org/uwsi
Archival resources: http://truthunity.net/
Unity fm radio: www.unity.fm
Daily word, Unity magazine: www.unity.org/publications
Publications: http://www.unity.org/publications/free-materials