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Membership Contract

Membership Covenant I understand and am aligned with the basic teachings of Unity.  I understand that Unity Spiritual Centre (Windsor) is based on universal spiritual principles as taught and demonstrated by Jesus the Christ as interpreted by Unity School of Christianity.

I will make my spiritual enfoldment and relationship with God a priority in my life. I will do my part to support the centre’s mission to pray, educate and serve to inspire and transform our world by engaging in my own transformational process. I will extend myself with loving warmth to all, especially newcomers to my spiritual home, and to those people attending whom I do not know.

I will include the centre in my daily prayer life. I will include the centre in my financial planning, establishing or continuing systematic giving extended joyfully and lovingly. I will serve as a volunteer, at least periodically, thereby learning the value of selfless service to others. I will speak with constructive purpose about the centre and my fellow congregants.  

If I experience personal upset with the centre or a congregant, I will seek guidance from Spirit, then speak with and resolve any upset with the person(s) involved. I recognize that my presence and participation at centre services and activities is a contribution and gift that enhances the experience for all; yet, I affirm my freedom from guilt when unable to attend.

Together with my fellow members and congregants, I am co-creating with God the ongoing dynamic life of Unity Spiritual Centre (Windsor). I recognize that, together, we help to keep its doors open and expand its programs and services, thereby blessing and serving hundreds of others like myself.  

Through membership in Unity, I honour the Spirit in me and the Spirit at work through Unity Spiritual Centre (Windsor).

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