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Craig Ramsay


Craig Ramsay is an international fitness expert who's listed as one of People magazine’s top trainers. The actor/singer/dancer has captivated audiences on stage and in movies and television. His best-selling books Anatomy of Stretching (forward by famed Broadway director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell and Anatomy of Muscle Building have been featured on CNN, The Doctors and Good Day L.A, and feature testimonials from celebrities like Ricki Lake, Colin Farrell and Sharon Osbourne.


Ramsay is known for his unique, effective and entertaining fitness methods, which have made him a go-to for celebrity clients like Jennifer Coolidge, Cheyenne Jackson, Kelis, Mercedes Javid (“MJ”), Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings, Ariana Maddix, Tamara Ecclestone, Taryn Manning, Alex Newell, Nina Parker and others. 

Session Talk: "Racing with Faith"

Craig Ramsay and his Amazing Race Canada partner Catherine Wreford beat the odds and became title holders of Canada’s most adventurous and popular competition reality T.V show.  Winning over the hearts of Canadians coast to coast with their powerful story and inspiring friendship the dynamic duo won over the hearts of Canadians with their respectful and entertaining race.    Through singing and story telling Craig will recap on how their “Amazing Race” adventure brought Catherine and Craig closer to their spirituality and how miracles surrounded and supported their entire experience and ultimately guided them to the final pit stop to win the season.

Marcia Marchant


I have had the gift of witnessing the miracle of birth as a Labor Doula, death and rebirth as and End of Life Doula.  My father was one of my greatest teachers in life.  However, it was through his process of transitioning I felt he slowed every step,  every breath, maybe to hold on longer, but I get a sense he was teaching me one of his greatest gifts.   My gift of service to others.  Prior to his passing, I became a volunteer of Hospice,  thinking one day I may need this knowledge should one of my parents pass.  Funny how the universe knows what to put in front of us.  Time changes all things in life.  I find myself in a beautiful space that allows me to do what I love best: to be of service to others during the miracles and mysteries in the cycle of life.

Session Talk: Mysteries of life and death.  


Who speaks of it? Who OPENLY speaks of death and our end  of life wishes?   Always we "hush" the child or the
person speaking of such things.  I know I was hushed. End of life will
come to us all, hopefully when we are at our oldest of age.
Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.  As a Hospice volunteer, as
a Medical Receptionist, as a Mother, sister, sibling etc.  Do we
really know what the other  wants?  Sadly, we often hest.. Oh Mom
wouldn't like that.. or she said I could have that... and families are

Death always seems and is portrayed as dark and scary.  What is on
the other side of the veil?   Do we really know?  Is there another
side?  Do we really die? Where do we go?

Openly I encourage those hard questions. What are your wishes?  How do
you want to die?  Where do you want to live out our last days?  Home?
Hospital? Hospice?
Do you have a plan?  What does it look like ?   Do you want to
incorporate your family cultural traditions?  Do you want a theme?
Burial or cremation?  Buried in a vault in the wall or ground burial,
what type of casket or urn? A celebration of life.

Are we sad to lose a loved one,  Indeed we are.  Grief from that
moment forward is endless. It took a lifetime to know them, to love
them.  it often takes a lifetime that we grieve them in our many
stages. Their lives and our lives are changed forever.

Where do we go from there?


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Andrew Facca


Andrew currently lives in Sedona Arizona and is the co-founder of Lungovita Beach Retreat and the Sedona Healing Retreat Center. He grew up in Windsor Ontario and enjoyed playing competitive soccer and basketball. He received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Windsor and created several businesses. He thought he was going to be a businessman his entire life when a series of epiphanies and challenges changed everything. He then devoted himself to the healing arts and to truth for its own sake. However it wasn't until he hit rock bottom in business that he was willing to surrender everything and allow God to lead the way. He was then led to the door of his teacher Dr David R Hawkins and featured Hawkins in the film he created Voyage to Betterment. After screening the film in theatres, churches and yoga studios throughout North America for a few years he began leading workshops to aimed at helping anyone who attended embrace the power of their entire constitution of body mind and spirit.

Session Talk: "New Potential in Consciousness Based Healing"


In this lecture we will not only discuss new potential in consciousness based healing, we will experience a live group healing session for all in attendance. Whenever we gather in groups there is an opportunity to let go limitations that prevent us from fulfilling our potential and benefit from the energy of the group by osmosis.

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Stacey MacKinnon

Stacey has worked with diverse populations for over 20 years. As a
registered nurse, Stacey has witnessed what it means to be human.
Whether it be through a clinical role or educational role, Stacey’s career
has molded her empathy for others and formed her ability to anticipate the
needs of others, as well as to guide others on accessing their untapped
Over the past 15 years Stacey has traveled around the world, meeting
women and girls, volunteering, and starting service initiatives both at home
and abroad, to help alleviate the burden of poverty.

Witnessing the effects of the pandemic on girls in our own community she
has founded Help Her Fly. Its goals include: helping to build self-esteem
and confidence and to provide opportunities for our girls to fulfill their
dreams, because an empowered girl becomes a woman who can change
the world!
Stacey has a passion for dance, performing arts, and travel; she has been
to over 40 countries with plans for more. A life-long student, an animal
lover and enthusiast for healthier living, she’s passionate about helping
others live a life with more joy and inspiring them to walk boldly towards
their biggest dreams.

Session Talk: Trauma to Transformation

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